About Amrutvel

About Amrutvel and Residential Health Care was established by Dr. Vinayak jarhad and Dr. Sandip Nandre and team of Psychologist 5 years ago with a sole purpose of providing a range of phycho-social convalescence services for clients suffering from varius PHYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES including . group and individual.

Dr. Vinayak jarhad pursued M.D. Psychiatry from Medical college of Vadodara. He was working overseas for 2 years since 2012 he is attached to noble, sahyadri & medipoint hosp, his vast experience handling convalescence institutes and psychiatric nursing homes, his total experience in filed of psychiatry in is about 9years.

We Ensure

Holistic approch to treatment

Complete professionalism and confidentiality

Well collaborated counselling

Psychotherapeutic sessions


Along the way, we would strive to achieve excee highest ethical standards. A constant vision towards sustainable solutions, is what we believe in. We plan to become the most preferred financial consultant in our region, by earning trust through open and clear communication.

The Program Consist Three Core Aspect Healing Of the mind. body and soul. We provides assisted living facilities(ALF) and convalescence to people aged 18 and above in calm, serene and scenic location at the foothills Of sinhgad. pune. we strongly believe in providing an open residential treatment facility operated by professionals who are humane. kind and friendly in their acvroach to make the lives of our residents easier, our model is focused on providing an integrated. holistic and professional treatment package of assisted living medical psychiatric and psychological care of the highest quality, as a result of our work people feel secure and happier in facility which does not believe in lock stay .connected to their communities retain their dignity and independence remains healthy and active tor as Jong possible!


Dr.Vinayak Jarhad

(M.D Psychiatry)

Dr.Sandip Nandre

(M.D AM)

Akshay mestri

Clinical Psychologist

Uday Kamble

Clinical Psychologist


OPD 1-shop no.205,lotus court,in front of panchami hotel,satara road,stargate,pune. Timing: Mon to Fri 6.00 pm to 9.00pm, sat 11.00am to 1.00pm.

OPD- 2 bhamini arcade,1st floor,in front of p.l.deshpande garden,near bank of baroda,sinhgad road,pune. Timing: Mon to Fri 12.00pm to 3.00pm

Activities At Our Centre

Activity department is staffed by a community recreation coordinator and a full time activities coordinator who provides a daily agenda of recreational programs based upon individual programming is to help residents develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, independence and well being to meet the variety of resident needs, activity programs include social and recreational groups and community activities, dance therapy, meditation and relaxation, writting therapy, psychodrama, we also offer to families to take part of activities to encouraged community organizations and committed individuals routinely volunteer their services to the activity department.

We has dedicated team of, psychiatrist, 24/7 trained caregiver's and nursing staff, counsellers, MSW's and therapists. We strive to provide the very best possible care with compassion and humane approach.

Our specialties:

Two separates unite one for addiction and one for psychiatry

24hrs residential psychologist

Daily psychiatric visit and individual communication

Full time doctors

Limited bed capacities because we believes individual attention

Healthy food, cleanliness and peaceful environment

24hrs security

We assist the patient to bring from home

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give a helping hand, and to fill up that gap in an individual's life, bringing them back to the main stream of society as an accepted human being through our professional knowledge and skills

De Addiction Center in Pune

Substance abuse is a worldwide health issue. Alcohol misuse has an adverse effect on nearly every organ in your body, including your kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, and other key organs, wreaking havoc on your entire existence. The emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of a person will diminish over time. This can be seen in both smoking and drug addiction. De-Addiction is a highly effective treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, and smoking addiction.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Our primary focus at Amrutvel De addiction center in Pune is on psychoactive substances and the behavioral consequences of drug abuse. The therapies comprise intensive one-on-one sessions with experienced experts, in addition to group-oriented interventions. At Amrutvel De-addiction, this challenging issue is addressed with specialized specialist help for substance usage.

Provided Solutions

• Addiction treatment takes place in a supportive, safe, and secure environment. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provides care and help.
• You will be supported by a skilled team of psychiatrists/psychologists, therapists, and attendants.
• Our staff is committed to providing therapy and personal attention that meets or exceeds our high standards. Our technologies have been fine-tuned over time to deliver an open, world-class environment.
• We conduct regular audits and compliance inspections, after which process improvements are introduced to improve service over time. The Amrutvel Drug Addiction Treatment Center is committed to offering the best treatment services accessible.

No one should feel isolated or alone in their battle against addiction, we believe. We are dedicated to supporting those in need with our knowledge and best therapy, ensuring the highest success rate possible. When you decide to quit drinking or using drugs, the Amrutvel De-Addiction Center is one of the greatest places to go to get the treatment you need. Our curriculum is a tried-and-true method for personal development. Our ever-changing strategy, practical approach to de-addiction, and commitment to updated criteria all help us deliver committed de-addiction solutions on time and within budget.

Drug De Addiction Center

One out of every 20 people aged 15 to 64 uses drugs or other narcotics substances. Almost every organ in your body, including your kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, and other essential organs, is affected by alcohol and drug usage, wreaking havoc on your entire existence. The emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of a person will diminish over time.

Why should you choose us?

At Amrutvel Drug Addiction Center, we primarily focus on psychoactive substances and the behavioral repercussions of drug abuse. Dual Diagnosis is a complicated and dangerous situation in which addiction leads to the development of psychiatric diseases such as psychosis, or when a person with a psychiatric condition becomes complicated due to the use of psychoactive drugs such as alcohol. At Amrutvel Drug De-addiction in Pune, this challenging issue is tackled with specialized specialist aid for coping with substance usage, such as:

• Cocaine, LSD, PCP, Ketaine, and other psychedelics
• Methamphetamines/Crystal/chalk/meth \MDMA/Ecstasy
• Marijuana/Cannabis
• Heroin
• Sleeping medications, pain relievers, prescription drug misuse, and cough syrups are all examples of prescription drug abuse.
• Tobacco/Smoking \Inhalants
• Poly-substance

Solutions Offered

•Addiction treatment takes place in a secure, safe, and encouraging environment. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provides care and help.
•With 24-hour referrals and spaces available 365 days a year, Amrutvel aspires to deliver the highest quality residential treatment for drug use disorder.
•We undertake regular audits and compliance inspections; after which we apply process modifications to improve service over time. Amrutvel Drug Addiction Center in Pune is committed to offering the highest quality addiction treatments.
•To achieve this goal, we have a number of policies and procedures in place, that also includes Health and Safety, Infection Control, and Data Protection.

Amrutvel Drug de Addiction is a tried-and-true method for improving one's self-esteem. Our ever-changing strategy, practical approach to de-addiction, and commitment to updated criteria all help us deliver committed de-addiction solutions on time and within budget.

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune

Addiction is a complex condition characterized by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. It happens when a patient or user loses control of their substance intake or becomes dependent on it for regular functioning. It affects almost every aspect of your life, including your health, family, relationships, workplaces, and finances. During your alcohol or drug de-addiction therapy at Amrutvel Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune, you will be supported in overcoming your addiction dependency with the least amount of pain possible. The symptoms listed below can help you determine whether or not you require treatment:

• Have you been offended by others' criticisms of your drinking habits?
• Have you ever regretted your drinking habits?
• Have you ever been compelled to drink anything in the morning to soothe your nerves or get rid of a hangover?

The Amrutvel Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune assists you in answering the CAGE Criteria honestly and advising you on whether you need to go to an alcohol or drug de-addiction treatment center based on the findings.

Why should you choose us above others?

Patients who were addicted to alcohol, nicotine, or drugs have been treated at Amrutvel Nasha Mukti Kendra. Our goal is to assist people who are addicted as well as their families without causing any bad consequences or difficult situations. Not just in treatment, but for the rest of one's life. To help the body and mind heal completely, we use Ayurveda and traditional medicines. Detoxify the entire body and manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Our four-step treatment approach is followed. Counseling and meditation are two methods that people might use to help themselves. Detoxify the entire body and manage the effects of alcohol withdrawal.

At our Amrutvel Nasha Mukti Kendra, we make sure that you have as few withdrawal symptoms as possible while receiving alcohol de-addiction therapy. Our goal is to help every addicted person and their families, as well as to envision a world free of addiction.